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International Health (MIH)


Universität Basel UNIBAS > Advanced Studies

Schweizerisches Tropen- und Public Health-Institut

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Basel (BS)




Universitäre Hochschulen UH - Weiterbildung: Lehrgänge

Zeitliche Beanspruchung



Gesundheit, Pflege, Medizin





Aktualisiert 06.11.2020


Beschreibung des Angebots

The programme focuses on strategies of modern International / Global Health approaches which take into account conditions of countries with resources constraints. International Health describes a strategy combining the knowledge and experience of several disciplines (epidemiology, social sciences, medicine, economics, management sciences, biology, etc.). The objective of the programme is to enable participants to implement sustainable primary health care programme and projects related to health in a setting of countries with limited resources.

Aufbau der Ausbildung

The Master of Advanced Studies International Health was established by the Swiss Tropical Institute in 1998 and was accredited by the University of Basel in 2001. In October 2007, this program was also accredited by the «Schweizerische Universitätskonferenz» for the period of seven years without conditions imposed.
The programme is equivalent to a one-year full-time Master with 60 ECTS. The students enrol at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute for the core course «Health Care and Management in Tropical Countries». After successfully completing the core course, students enrol for optional modules (1 to 5 weeks each) at one of the tropEd partner institutions. There they study supervised by an individual tutor. Credit Points have to sum up to a total of 20 for these optional modules.
Additional 20 ECTS will be given for the research project or thesis with which participants prove that they have acquired both knowledge and skills.
All participants have to take courses in at least 2 institutions belonging to the tropEd network, a legal association of some 30 European and overseas institutions of higher education. Since 2005, the MIH is part of the Swiss School of Public Health+ (SSPH+).

Language requirements are: TOEFL Paper 550, TOEFL Computer 213, TOEFL internet 79-80, IELTS 6.0 or native speaker or completed higher education in English (with written proof).



Medical doctors and nurses are as welcome as social scientists, health planners, educators, pharmacists and other health workers. Admission criteria are a first degree related to health, a good record of working experience, preferably in countries with resources constraints. Participants who want to join the MIH programme can only apply for the whole programme after finishing the core course HCM.


Costs for the full programme between CHF 20'000.- and CHF 25'000.- (incl. travel expenses and accommodation)


  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS (inkl. MBA, EMBA)

Master of Advanced Studies International Health, University of Basel

Praktische Hinweise

Ort / Adresse

  • Basel (BS)

The Master programme International Health is a joint master's degree programme in which students not only pursue their studies at Swiss TPH, but also take a substantial number of accredited short courses at one of the more than 30 participating universities in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or Central America.

Zeitlicher Ablauf


Programme starts in July each year.
Register before 30 June.


The Master programme is equivalent to one year of full-time study and can be spread over a period of up to five years.

Zeitliche Beanspruchung

  • Teilzeit


  • Englisch

Language requirements are: TOEFL Paper 550, TOEFL Computer 213, TOEFL internet 79-80, IELTS 6.0 or native speaker or completed higher education in English (with written proof).


Auskünfte / Kontakt

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Course Secretariat
Socinstrasse 57, P.O.Box
CH-4002 Basel

Tel. +41 61 284 82 34
Fax +41 61 284 81 06

Der Studiengang ist Teil der Advanced Studies, der berufsbegleitenden Weiterbildung der Universität Basel.