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Neuenburg (NE) - Genf (GE) - Zürich (ZH)




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Aktualisiert 18.04.2016


Beschreibung des Angebots

The CAS in Arbitration is an intense four-week program on international arbitration offered over the course of nine months. It is the first program which combines an in-depth academic program with the practical insight provided by a large number of international practitioners who lecture during the program. This sophisticated program demands from the participant in-depth preparation for each session, and active participation during the course which includes pleading training on the basis of mock cases, role plays of arbitration-related scenarios, drafting sessions to learn how to draft written submissions, and interactive discussions on cutting-edge arbitration topics. The three organizing institutions believe in the Socratic Method and thus, the number of participants is limited.The training is designed for lawyers, in-house counsel, and other professionals interested in international dispute resolution.

This course is designed to accommodate the working professional, balancing classroom instruction with scheduling flexibility. During each day of a module, participants will be given an opportunity to attend to their professional responsibilities. In between modules (or after the last module), the participants applying for a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Arbitration will have the opportunity to work on their research paper. For all the participants an examination is due during the program after the first module.

Modules of the CAS in Arbitration:

  • Fundamentales of International Arbitration (5 days in Neuchâtel)
  • How to Commence Arbitration Proceedings (5 dys in Genève)
  • Taking of the Evidence Hearings, Discovery, Interim Measures (5 days in Zurich)
  • From the Hearing to the Challenge and Enforcement of the Award (5 days in Zurich)




The training is designed for lawyers, in-house counsel, and other professionals interested in international dispute resolution.


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  • Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS

Successful participants will be awarded the SAA diploma as Arbitration Practitioner (ArbP). In addition, a participant may obtain an internationally accredited "Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Arbitration – Joint Degree of the Universities of Lucerne and Neuchâtel" if a short research paper is submitted.

Praktische Hinweise

Ort / Adresse

  • Neuenburg (NE)
  • Genf (GE)
  • Zürich (ZH)

Neuchâtel, Genève, Zürich

Zeitlicher Ablauf


April 2016


four-weeks offered over the course of nine months
All four modules start on a Thursday morning and end on a Monday night, the entire course stretching from October to June of the following year.

Zeitliche Beanspruchung

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  • Englisch


To learn more about the CAS in Arbitration, please see  or contact:

Sabrina Bleuler, MLaw, Director of Studies,
041 229 53 39 /

Prof. Dr. Daniel Girsberger, LL.M., attorney at law,

University of Lucerne,
041 41 229 53 30 /

Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller, LL.M., attorney at law,

University of Neuchâtel,
041 32 718 12 39 /

Daniele Favalli, LL.M., lic. iur. HSG, attorney at law,

Academic Council of the Swiss Arbitration Academy,
041 58 211 34 00 •


Auskünfte / Kontakt

University of Lucerne
CAS in Arbitration
c/o Prof. Dr. Daniel Girsberger
Frohburgstrasse 3
Postfach 4466
CH-6002 Lucerne
University of Neuchâtel
CAS in Arbitration
c/o Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller
Avenue du 1er-Mars 26
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
Swiss Arbitration Academy
Dufourstrasse 56
Postfach 1285
CH-8034 Zurich

Universität Luzern