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Rochester-Bern Executive MBA


Universität Bern UNIBE > Weiterbildung

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Thun (BE)




Weiterbildung: Lehrgänge - Universitäre Hochschulen UH

Zeitliche Beanspruchung



Management, Führung


Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Betriebsökonomie



Aktualisiert 17.11.2021


Beschreibung des Angebots

The program is built on a cross-functional curriculum grounded in sound economic principles. Courses are well integrated and follow a logical sequence proceeding from basic tools to strategy considerations. Leadership capabilities are further improved during classes and communication workshops, teamwork and senior leader talks. Online assessments and follow-up sessions with a coach advance student’s career development. Class sessions are designed for interaction and discussions. Projects focus on real-world examples with an emphasis on immediate application in the workplace.
Courses overview:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Economics and Organizational Principles
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Decision Analysis
  • Global Economic Environment
  • Project and Company Valuation
  • Corporate Financial Policy
  • Information Systems for Management
  • Modern Marketing
  • Pricing Policies
  • Leadership & Organization
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • TIDE (Technology, Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship)
  • Management in Transition Economies 

Credits: 75 ECTS points


The Rochester- Bern Executive MBA offers a first-class general management education with an international focus and systematic practical application. It allows participants to earn an international MBA degree from an accredited, leading U.S. business school as well as a national EMBA degree without interrupting their careers.



The diversity of profiles in the classroom is an important characteristic of the EMBA. Classes are composed of executives whose backgrounds range from business to engineering to medical studies. To be admitted to the program, candidates need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • university degree (or equivalent) plus
  • at least 5 years of management experience (as a project or line manager) or 10+ years of managerial and leadership experience in lieu of academic qualifications (sur dossierapplicant)*
  • convincing character with a team spirit
  • ability to set priorities and balance family, job, and studies
  • fluency in English

* Examples for sur dossier students include senior executives who have held a leadership position for at least 10 years or entrepreneurs who have been running their own companies for the same amount of time, but who do not have a university degree (or equivalent).


Candidates for the program are mid or senior-level managers with the potential for taking on increased responsibilities within their organizations.


CHF 75'000.-


  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS

Dual Degree:
- Master of Business Administration (MBA), Simon Business School University of Rochester
- Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), University of Bern

Praktische Hinweise

Ort / Adresse

  • Thun (BE)

Thun (Switzerland), Rochester (NY, USA), International Trip Asia

Universität Bern
Rochester-Bern Executive Programs
Hochschulstrasse 4
3012 Bern

Zeitlicher Ablauf


February or October


15 months
Participants meet biweekly in Thun on Fridays and Saturdays from February to July. In September, they spend an educational residency of four weeks in Rochester (NY, USA). From October to February of the following year, participants meet in Thun every three weeks for three-day blocks (Thurs – Sat). One international elective of one week is included in the program.

Zeitliche Beanspruchung

  • Berufsbegleitend


  • Englisch


Auskünfte / Kontakt

Christine Kreis-Saunders, EMBA Director,recruiting@rochester-bern.ch, +41 31 684 53 27

Universität Bern UNIBE

Zulassung, Immatrikulation und Beratung
Tel.: +41 31 684 39 11