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International Law and Economics, Master of (MILE)


Universität Bern UNIBE


Bern (BE)




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Recht, Rechtswissenschaften - Wirtschaft, Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Rechtswissenschaft - Volkswirtschaftslehre VWL


7.623.3.0 - 7.616.44.0

Aktualisiert 08.11.2023


Beschreibung des Angebots

The MILE curriculum is interdisciplinary, combining law, economics and political science. Participants will study the global economy, international macroeconomics and applied economics, trade facilitation, competition law, investment law, dispute settlement, trade remedies and much more. The WTI attaches great importance to its teaching methods. Courses consist of lectures and case studies, offering students opportunities for classroom discussions, group workshops, and individual research.

The MILE begins with a foundational semester during which students are given a solid basis in international economic law, international economics and global political economy. The second semester consists of lectures and seminars that deliver an in-depth analysis of relevant topics in international trade, investment and economics. In addition to the courses offered during the autumn and spring semesters, students are able to take, as part of their programme, WTI Winter and Summer Academy courses

Aufbau der Ausbildung

The MILE programme includes 75 ECTS of coursework, with compulsory and elective courses and seminars; and 15 ECTS for the master’s thesis

Fall Semester:

  • Foundations of Economics
  • International Trade Regulation
  • International Investment Law
  • Global Political Economy
  • Global Economic Governance Seminar Series

Winter Academy:

  • WTO Law on Border Measures and Trade Faciliation
  • WTO Law and Policy of Trade in Service
  • WTO Law on Anti-Dumping and Safeguard Measures
  • WTO Law on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures

Spring Semester:

  • International Economics
  • International Economic Dispute Resolution
  • International Economic Law and the Pursuit of Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics
  • Global Economic Governance Series
  • Moot Court

Elective Courses at the WTI (Summer Academy)

  • Foundations of Trade Policy and Trade Policy Data
  • Econometric Analysis of Trade Policy with a Focus on Trade Remedies
  • Input-Output and Applied General Equilibrium Models
  • Challenges to International Climate Governance
  • International Contracts Regarding Cross-Borders Trade and Investment
  • International Law and Policy Options for Climate Mitigation
  • International Energy Law and Governance
  • Technical Barriers to Trade in Pursuit of Sustainable Development
  • Non-Trade Concerns in International Trade: Public Health and Labour Standards
  • International Investment Law and Sustainable Development
  • Intellectual Property Law and Technology Transfer

Otther Elective courses at the WTI

  • Introduction to International Negotiation
  • International Trade/Investment Law and Policy Internship




  • Bachelor or Master of Laws or J.D.
  • Bachelor or Master in Economics
  • Bachelor or Master in Political Science or International Relations
  • Bachelor or Master in another field, plus relevant working experience in the topics of the program
  • Applicants must demonstrate a strong command of English and spoken English.


Applications deadline: 31. January


CHF 18'000.- plus Admission fee CHF 200.-


  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS

Master of International Law and Economics, University of Bern

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  • Bern (BE)

Universität Bern
World Trade Institute (WTI)
Hallerstrasse 6
3012 Bern

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September 2024


12 months
The MILE Programme contains 34 weekly courses over three terms. Due to the wide scope of materials covered, the amount of time spent in class is high when compared to other master programmes. Students will usually have five hours of classes a day, on four days per week.
(The programme can also be taken on a part-time basis within three years).

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  • Englisch


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Karin Rosenberg, Director of Administration
Tel.-Nr.: +41 (0)31 631 32 70

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