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Recognition of foreign diplomas

You have learned a profession or studied abroad. Now you would like to work or finish your education in Switzerland. You can find out here if you require your foreign qualification to be officially recognised.

Recognition for work

Some professions in Switzerland have special rules. If you wish to work in one of these regulated professions, the competent authority must officially recognise your foreign diploma.

Does your profession require official recognition?

The portal recognition.swiss lists the details for each profession:

  • Does it need to be recognised?
  • Which institution is responsible?
  • How long does the recognition procedure take?
  • What does the procedure cost?

Exception for regulated professions: You wish to work in Switzerland for a maximum of 90 days per year and come from an EU or EFTA member state. In this case, the procedure is shorter and simpler. Further information: sbfi.admin.ch.

How does the process of recognition work?

  • You can find out exactly how the procedure works from the competent authority. You can find out who is responsible at recognition.swiss.
  • The competent institution compares the foreign diploma to the Swiss diploma.
  • If there are no or only minor differences, you will receive a document confirming the equivalence of the diplomas.
  • If there are major differences, the responsible institution will explain how you can achieve equivalence. Extra tuition or practical experience is often necessary.

What if no recognition is needed?

You do not need official recognition to work in Switzerland. However, sometimes it makes sense to receive an assessment or confirmation of the level of your diploma. When you apply, you can prove that your degree is comparable to a Swiss degree. You can find the relevant institution at recognition.swiss.