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Civilian Peacebuilding Specializations


Universität Basel UNIBAS > Advanced Studies


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Basel (BS)




Universitäre Hochschulen UH - Weiterbildung: Lehrgänge

Zeitliche Beanspruchung



Soziales, Sozialwissenschaften


Erziehungswissenschaft / Pädagogik - Ethnologie / Sozialanthropologie - Internationale Studien - Kulturwissenschaften / populäre Kulturen - Politikwissenschaft - Psychologie / Angewandte Psychologie - Soziale Arbeit - Soziologie


7.731.58.0 - 7.731.56.0

Aktualisiert 21.11.2019


Beschreibung des Angebots

Learn from research and practice, understand the causes of violent conflicts, contribute to peace.

The CAS Civilian Peacebuilding Specializations program provides an opportunity to specialize in selected topics of civilian peacebuilding aimed at transforming violent conflict by peaceful means, promoting peace, rebuilding societies affected by war and preventing violence from re-erupting. It bridges current academic findings with the latest insights from peacebuilding practice. Participants can join the program at any time of the year with a course of their choice. They can apply for the CAS from the start of their studies or transfer to the CAS after having finished one or more courses.

Your benefits

  • Understand latest academic findings on violent conflict and conflict prevention
  • Peacebuilding and mediation skills training
  • Learn how to design and support peacebuilding programs
  • Exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice

Aufbau der Ausbildung

The CAS is made up of three 5-day courses, an academic writing course and a final thesis. Participants specialize in topics of their choice and complete the program through an individually tailored timeframe to bring their credit total to the required amount of 16 ECTS. All courses are composed of assignments and on-site training. They can select from different topical courses:

National Dialogue & Peace Mediation Course, 5 days, 3 ECTS
Dealing with the Past & Conflict Transformation Course, 5 days, 3 ECTS
Fragility, Conflict & Statebuilding Course, 3 days, 2 ECTS
Business, Conflict & Peacebuilding, 2 days, 1 ECTS
Gender, Conflict & Peacebuilding Course, 2 days, 1 ECTS

Take a look at our program framework.
Course methodologies include expert inputs, peer exchange, case studies, exercises, skills training and self-study. Individual modules can be taken as stand-alone courses by non-CAS participants.

Assignments include writing an essay and a CAS final thesis linked to the thematic areas dealt with during the course.
Successful participants are awarded a Certificate of Advanced Studies. This course can be taken as one module (15 ECTS) of the Master of Advanced Studies in Civilian Peacebuilding program (60 ECTS) offered by swisspeace and the University of Basel.



These postgraduate program are designed for professionals interested in combining current academic insights and practical knowledge in peace and conflict studies.

A minimum of two years of professional experience in relevant fields and a university degree (minimum BA), or an equivalent educational background, and proficiency in English are required.


Participants can join the program at any time of the year with a course of their choice. They can apply for the CAS from the start of their studies or transfer to the CAS, after having finished one or more courses.

Apply on the swisspeace website


CHF 9,600

Travel, food and accommodation costs are not included in the fee.


  • Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Civilian Peacebuilding Specializations, University of Basel

Praktische Hinweise

Ort / Adresse

  • Basel (BS)

Steinengraben 22
CH-4051 Basel

Zeitlicher Ablauf




The CAS Program runs from September to August. It can be completed within one year, or taken over several years.

Zeitliche Beanspruchung

  • Teilzeit


  • Englisch

proficiency in English is required.


Auskünfte / Kontakt

Prof. Dr. Laurent Goetschel
University of Basel and Director of swisspeace
Franziska Sigrist
MA, Head of Training, swisspeace

Franziska Sigrist
Steinengraben 22
CH-4051 Basel

Tel. +41 31 330 12 12


Der Studiengang ist Teil der Advanced Studies, der berufsbegleitenden Weiterbildung der Universität Basel.